NPCs I have Known and Loved, cont’d

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Top 2 NPC: The Drunken Old Man

The Old Man does not need stats. He just needs some Tanith on the rocks… or maybe a few rounds.

In one of our Warhammer 40k missions we stopped in the Hive World of Skorgulian. Our fact-finding escapade found us in a dingy bar with a single customer. He ignored the child-like Miki and sat down for a couple of shots with the assassin Salvador Brown and the archivist S’chwuck.

Our tough-guy members of the retinue were trying to squeeze information from the old man by outdrinking him. But alas, Tanith was not a drink they were accustomed to.

The boys gained valuable planet information, hangovers and a new friend. He would have been part of the retinue, thanks to Salvador. The bartender, who happens to be the old man’s son, stopped him from boarding (and trying to drive!) the jetbike.


NPCs I have Known … and Loved

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In the three short years the sundaygamers have gathered to beat aliens, heretics, demons, vampires, werewolves… and then some.

But we also encountered allies who helped us complete missions and  achieve our game goals. I must say, they’ve been doing an awesome job;  and they don’t even have to roll tens!

In the next posts, we will introduce you to our Top Three Favorite Non-Playing Characters.

Here’s Number Three:

3. First Name: Rick ; Last Name: Shaw

In one of our Vampire: The Masquerade campaigns, we got lost in the labyrinthine streets of Hongkong. We thought we could get help from our old Ventrue friends but they too were on the run. The year was 1997.

We ran into the local Kuei-Jin gangster lord and his chauffer Rick Shaw.

Just a driver… Or so we thought. With his skinny, sinewy stature, he carried us on his rickety contraption at blinding speed. Celerity: 8

He also had a knack for appearing at the right place, at the right time. He carried us to safety just when the sun was beginning to rise on the docks of Whampoa.

He proved those strong legs were not just for running in a battle against renegade Kindred in the back-alleys of old Victoria City. Melee: 7

Why did he help us? What were his motives? Was he doing all this of his own accord? Or was he just running for his master?

On my next  post: The Top 2 NPCs!

New Cave for GM!

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Congratulations to GM (and mom) on their newly renovated home!

In the aftermath of the September typhoons, GM’s place got flooded really bad. Because of this, gaming got really sparse, due to lack of venue.

We happily gamed last Sunday on nice and new white tiles in his air-conditioned room. We had room enough for all the sundaygamers.

We enjoyed the epic time-travelling WH40k storyline. Thank you GM!

Oh and I brought chili.

I want my Sundays back!

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One of the reasons that I stick with the Training Department is that I hold my Sat-Sun Days Off sacred.

Which is why I think Andy is insane.

Anyway, we had our first proper game in many months.  Instead of GMing, Andy played the Rouge Trader Captain this time.

We prepared paper figures and stats sheets. This is so ghetto. Paper dolls for ships! Poverty is next to creativity,  I guess.

In true spirit of tabletop gaming, it was the story and the players that made everything alive. I played a proper psyker for the first time. I can’t wait for the next chapter.

Kulit nyo!

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Underworld and Down Under

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New stuff and old:

One of our old Battle Brothers resurrected as a newly Embraced Malkavian from Spain.

We have two new Kindred, also from Australia. Unbeknownst to them, they have sires from different clans: one Lasombra, the other an Assamite. Much to the chagrin of our Chronicler, who had been usurped the honor of Embracing them. She is intimately bound to them by the living blood of the Rom. And of course, she will not allow her family to go astray.

The Sundaygamers now return to the first RPG we ever played, World of Darkness.  We used to play against each other as werewolves and vampires. This time, we’re playing as a team of vampires.

We’ll be setting up the WoD portal soon. But for now, please click on the hyperlinks above for more information.

We welcome Janu and Carlo into the geeky world of Sundaygamers. We also are glad that Juan has returned to the Philippines, and in better shape.

Thank you, Battle Brothers

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We would like to thank our Aussie friends who joined us for a couple of gaming sessions. 

Godspeed and we hope to see you on the battelfield again.

The Emperor Protects!

-the Chronicler-